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Тезисы доклада Анны Лопахер

Публикуем тезисы доклада Анны Лоппахер, научного сотрудника ЦАСИ. Доклад состоялся в СИ РАН 14 мая 2019 года.

Parents’ and teachers’ child rearing practices in the context of integration discourses in Norway. Findings and theoretical considerations.

Anna Loppacher

In my PhD project, I investigate contact practices between parents with different backgrounds and public employees (kindergarten and primary school teachers) in Northern Norway, seen in the light of overarching discourses and policy debates about integration and migration in Norwegian public spaces.

In the presentation, I discuss findings from my fieldwork in kindergartens and schools, including what parents and teachers focus on in their respective child rearing practices, how the situation changes when children transition from kindergarten to school, and how teachers make efforts to accommodate differences in the classroom or at the kindergarten. I link these everyday practices and narratives to overarching discourses about integration.

Linking an approach focused on reflexive actors and practice with discourse theory requires philosophical-scientific considerations, since these two approaches are traditionally based in opposing paradigms. Thus, I discuss Archer’s (2000) conceptualisation of agency and reflexivity and relate it to Foucault’s discourse theory by way of mediating arguments furthered by Hardy (2019), and Al-Amoudi (2007).


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