Centre of Arctic and Siberian Exploration

Социологический институт Российской академии наук
Centre of Arctic and Siberian Exploration


The Centre of Arctic and Siberian Exploration conducts interdisciplinary research and expertise in the Arctic, Siberia, and the Asian North in collaboration with colleagues and business partners in Russia and abroad.

The mission of the centre is Good research for Arctic Wellbeing and Moving Forward.

Key directions of research include: ethnoecology, local knowledge and culturally adopted climatic fluctuations, informal economies and subsistence, sacred landscapes and human-nature interactions at large, colonisation and social memory, land use and property rights, gender shifts and aboriginal education

Current Fieldwork sites: We work and act as scholars and experts in Kola Peninsula, Yamal and Yamal-Nenets region, Yakutiia and Buriatiia republics, Zabaikalie, Sakhalin Island, and Western Kamchatka.

Skills and priorities: Academic, Social and Business research and expertise. Collaboration with natural scientists, dialogue facilitation between local population, business and global market.